November 26




.Coding is using different letters or blocks depending what type of cod you’re using to make something happen on a digital object.

.they code on tablets using a coding language called python on an app called pythonista.

.coding gives you skills that can get you a great job in the future.


.why isn’t coding introduced to other schools?

.is it a long process from having an idea to it being published.


.it would be great to have coding introduced to schools as it gives them an opportunity to create games and improve their skills and maybe one day help them to get a job.

November 22


When all of a sudden

I’ve been waiting for this day for ages since my dad told my brother and I that we were going to the air show.

We left early my dad wanted to miss the traffic. We finally arrive, there are people ever where. We got to meet the piolets and sit in the jet planes I was so excited.

We start watching the show and that’s when I remember to put ear plugs in my ears because of the noise, when all of a sudden an F-22 fly’s over our heads. The hairs on my arms stood up it was so exciting to watch. It was the BEST DAY EVER!!

November 22



I’m sitting on the sand in a beautiful lagoon. The weather is so hot that I run strait in to the clear blue crystal water.

I thought that I would go on an adventurer all on my own I’m looking around and I see a big rock so I decided to look underneath it and to my horror staring at me is a massive black spider. As I start to poke at it with a stick it runs away.

I continue on my adventure and in the distance I see the most extraordinary thing a group of flamingo. What an amazing sight.

November 22


As the flame flickered and then went out…

I’m so excited, I’m having my first sleep over at my friend’s house. I’ve packed my bag and my mum is dropping me off.

We played on the XBOX for a while and then decided to watch a scary movie. My friend thought it would be good idea to watch the movie with the lights switched off and light up some candles.

During the movie his mum made us some popcorn. The movie was very scary and I was thinking, I’m going to have nightmares. All of a sudden the flame flickered and then went out, we screamed and popcorn went flying everywhere.


November 22


My family and I went to the Botanical Gardens and we saw this mysteries hand, and there was a tree coming out of its palm. My dad ask my sister, what do you think this hand with this tree is? She had no clue and then asked me. I said, “It’s a giant trying to grab the tree so he could come out from underneath the ground.” Unfortunately he didn’t succeed so he died. Thank god for that, can you imagine a giant roaming the Botanical Gardens and scaring all the kids. That would be a terrifying sight.

November 22



I was at the shops with my friends, when we saw the machines that are filed with lollies. I had no change but I still decided to turn the dial. To my surprise lollies kept rushing out, luckily my friend had a paper bag so we played it under the opening and filled the bag.

We couldn’t believe our luck, we had a grin from ear, but where would we hide it all my friend asked. We went straight to my house and hid it in my room. A few days later I had to find another hiding place I caught my brother eating the lollies.