June 4

In the flash of the lightning I saw…

My dad loves going to the beach house in winter so where heading down for a relaxing weekend. The first thing my dad does is light up the fire place, the house is worm in no time.

We decided to take a walk down to the beach, it’s really cold. As where walking the sky starts to get very dark and all of a sudden in the flash of lightning I saw the most magnificent light show. The lightning looked like it was bouncing off the water, within seconds the thunder and rain came. I’m screaming and running all the way home. I HATE THUNDER!!!

June 4


Weedy sea dragon



. Weedy sea dragons can be found in waters off the south and east coast. They are related to the sea horse. They have been around for hundreds of years.

. The marking on the side of a weedy sea dragon becomes a unique fingerprint this is how we can track them.

. Weedy sea dragons are classified near threatened. Scientist believe climate could be the reason in the decline of the weedy sea dragon. They say rising sea temp are killing the kelp which leaves them homeless.



. What can we do so the temp in the sea water doesn’t rise?

. How do we make people aware of these weedy sea dragons and about global warming?


. It’s amazing how many creatures are out there that we don’t know about. I think it’s great that citizen scientist divers are helping by taking photos and tracking the weedy sea dragons. Help save the weedy sea dragons.