May 21


Wore on Waste


.They are a top-selling food, but every day millions of good bananas are thrown away. Coles and Woolworths, won’t buy bananas that are too bent, too straight, too long, short fat or skinny.

.Over 80 million that farmers grow, they are forced to throw out more than 30 million.

.Food waste in landfill creates greenhouse gases 25 times more dangerous than car fumes.



.Who made up all these rules that bananas need to be a certain shape or size?

. Do you think that supermarkets should still buy these bananas and see if consumers will buy them?



. I don’t think consumers had any idea that millions of bananas were being thrown out. There are so many people in the world that are starving and supermarkets are worried about the look of a banana. Let’s not waste perfectly good bananas.

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