May 14


I Just Couldn’t Eat Something so

I’m having dinner at my auntie’s house and she’s making lasagne like my nonna makes it and I love my nonna’s lasagne.

I’m so excited I’ve been looking forward to this lasagne. I take my first bite it doesn’t taste the best. My nonna’s lasagne is beautiful, she makes her own pasta, the sauce she makes is delicious and when you slice into the layers the cheese just stretches out. My auntie’s lasagne seems dry, the sauce isn’t right and the cheese isn’t stretchy.

Thank god my cousins have a dog. I just couldn’t eat it so I kept calling the dog over and feeding her my food. No one realised what I was doing.

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  1. libby2016

    I love this piece of writing Tom. Your description is fantastic – I really want some of your Nonna’s lasagne now! I hope the dog was ok.


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