April 30


Women’s AFL


. The game was such a success that thousand of people had to be turned away.

. The Victorian government wants the popularity of women’s sport to increase

. The Vic government has launched a new program called change our game seven million dollars is being spent improving facilities for female teams


. Why don’t females get paid the same as males athletes

. Why is sport always focused around males


. Its great that female athletes can play sports that males do. Everyone should be treated equally and females should be able to play any sport that they want too

April 30

How would our life change if all people look the same?


Can you imagine if we all looked the same, life would be very weird, we wouldn’t be individuals because there’s nothing different about us? When we look at each other it would like looking in a mirror, seeing the same face every day.

An advantage of looking the same is that there would be no bullying about peoples features or their colour skin because we would all look the same.

It sounds good looking all the same but I still want to look like e because it’s my features and skin colour that makes me, ME.



April 23


My dad is taking me to an art gallery of sculptures, he loves art so he’s dragging me along.

We finally arrive and by the look on my face I’m not impressed. I’m wandering around and I see a sculpture that catches my eye. It’s a man walking through a wall, but his left leg and right arm are on the side of him. It’s really amazing how it’s done. A boy comes up to me and whispers “meet me here tonight, I’ll show you something amazing.”

I did meet that boy and saw something amazing, all the sculptures came to life, I saw the man walking through the wall. Is this real or fantasy?