March 27



.Most Australians speak English

.Australians nearly spoke Dutch

.The British set up allot of colonise in Australia


.Why didn’t they nearly speak Dutch

.Why did the British hate the Aboriginals


.I wonder why the women and the Aboriginal coldent vote before why did they have to vote later

March 26

What a great day to go to the park to play soccer. The sun is out, not a cloud in the sky. I convince my dad to take us, I get everything that we need ready and off we go.

We get to the park and there are a lot of kids, they ask my brother and I if we want to play with them. We start playing, I’m having a great time, when all of a sudden out of nowhere a bee starts buzzing around me. I’m trying to wack it away and at that moment I felt a sting on my hand, I screamed OUCH !! but how can something so tiny cause so much PAIN!!.

March 14


In this short film we see how a small crime committed can end up with a tough punishment.

It’s about two soldiers who think their life is bad with the job that they do. They decide to steal something so they can get caught and be joined with the convicts. They think the convicts have a better life.

Governor Darling had different ideas he wanted to make an example of them so he makes the punishment really tough. Seven years hard labour with chains.

Francis Forbes tells Darling that the punishment should be reduced and that he shouldn’t use the same law as they did in Britain. Darling won’t listen to him and says that the punishment will stay. One of the soldiers die because of the treatment.

WC Wentworth was the only man that stood up to say that the Governor had taken this too far and should be held responsible.

Thank god we live in better times because if you do a crime you have a lawyer defending you. The punishment given to you will suit the crime you did.

March 14


My family and I went to the Botanical Gardens and we saw this mysteries hand, and there was a tree coming out of its palm. My dad ask my sister, what  do you think this hand with this tree is? She had no clue and then asked me. I said, “it’s a giant trying to grab the tree so he could come out from underneath the ground.” Unfortunately he didn’t succeed so he died. Thank god for that, can you imagine a giant roaming the Botanical Gardens and scaring all the kids. That would be a terrifying sight.

March 5


once there was a kid his name was yellow and his name to be green but to change his name to green he had to touch a frog in mid ear so he waited and waited and then he saw a frog on his fence getting ready to jump he jumped and he gingerly touched it and his name remarkably ternd to green so he scremd so loud running to my name is green and when Avery one heard it evry on was happy so he lived the best life he possibly could.

March 2

BTN First Fleet


. In London in the 1700’s a lot of people and kids were sent to jail for minor crimes eg stealing food. Some were even sentenced to death for their crimes.

. Criminals were sent to N.S.W for punishment because jails were getting full. Eleven ships were prepared for the voyage. Six would transport convicts.

. The land had been home to the Aboriginal people for tens of thousand of years. N.S.W was claimed for England by Captain Cook.


.Did the Britain’s realise that there were other people on the land?

.Why didn’t the Britain’s try and help their people instead of sending them away?


I wonder how life would be different for the Aboriginals if the white people didn’t come to their land.

March 2

The Encounter

In this documentary we see a young Aboriginal girl wondering around her land. She see’s an animal that she has never seen before which we know is a cow. The girl hears a drum and sees a white boy banging on it, followed by white men who she calls the ‘ghost people’. She returns to her camp wanting to tell her Nana what she saw.

In comparison to the other BTN we see that this girl is happy, healthy and free enjoying life. Even though it is a simple life the grandmother and the girl seem very happy. Where as the kids from Britain were very sad, hungry, sick and orphans left on their own to fend for themselves commiting crimes just for food.