February 16

BTN Soccer school





.soccer is the most popular game in the world

.it helps them be athletic

.soccer players get payed the most if there in top 10


.if you want to be a professional soccer player do you have to train every day

. what age can you start playing soccer


.I understand every thing about this BTN because i play soccer that’s wy i piket this BTN





February 13

Letter To Libby

Hi Libby,

I’m Thomas, you actually taught me when I was in grade 2 for a short time. A lot of time has passed and now your my grade 6 teacher.

One thing about me is that I love to play sport. I play tennis and soccer for clubs. I love being part of group sports and making friends. I have a brother Adam and a sister Ava that come to the school.

Christmas was a great day. I love catching up with my cousins at my grandparents house for Christmas dinner. There is always a lot of eating. I got the best present ever which is a scooter that I wanted for ages.

We headed down to our beach house in Safety beach Dromana. My family and I had an awesome time, we went to the beach every day. My cousins were down at the beach and we would spend all day with them.

New Years Eve was a lot of fun. Family friends of ours stay at a caravan park and we spent the night with them having a BBQ. The night was fun as we played with all the kids at the caravan park and had a game of soccer and cricket.

Another exciting thing I did on the holidays was go to Echuca for a couple of days. The weather was really HOT that we spent most of the day in the pool. My cousins were there which makes it more fun as I always had someone to play with.

Now I’m in grade 6 and I’m looking forward to a great year. I will put in 100% because I want to do well. Looking forward to a great year.

February 6

safer internet day

The webinar was fun they ask you questions and you had to answer them and you couldn’t type stupid answers in. he asked about cyber safety and would you want to be fames or not because if you were people will be taking pics at you and you wont be able to work on the street with people annoying you.