December 11

stuff i hate


The thing I hate the most in the world is …….. I hate doing the gates because if it’s raining I still have to open the dam gates and it’s really really boring. And I all ways say to my mum why can’t Adam do it but then he starts auguring so my mum says just do it so I do it even if it’s raining. And one other thing I hate doing is filling the drink bottles before school and sometimes I do it but sometime my brother dose. It but sometimes he drops water on the ground. So that’s why I all ways do it. And those are my reasons.



December 11

swimming carnival

Swimming Carnival

I looked forward going to the school swimming sports. I felt excited and nervous. I was only in one race and that was at the start. I was bored the whole time! It felt like the day wasn’t ever going to end! I had to watch the rest of the boring races so I waited the whole time talking to my friend. Then this siren went off and everyone jumped in the pool. The day got a lot better.


We had a really long free time. I played with my friends but then I realized Trent wasn’t in the pool. I scrambled out and kicked him in the pool.


Then I realized he had his school clothes on David came up to me with his angry face and told me off. I had to sit with him for the whole day.


When we arrived back at the school I got forced to go to the principal’s office. He was standing at the door looking at me with something in his hand. It was a phone. He was ready to ring my mum about what happened. He dialled my mums phone number. It rang only once and she picked the phone up and started talking. They finished straight away.


He screamed so loudly. Dribble went all over me. I didn’t understand what he was saying because he was so loud. Then the worst thing happened my mum turned up with this angry face looking like she was gowning to kill me just grabbed me by the T-shirt and made me apologies.


I went to Trent’s classroom. Ending up saying sorry because what I did to him at the pool was jest stupid for doing that. I’m very sorry.


December 6


Today we learnt about coding. You need to be very specific wen coding because if you say take 10 steps and you don’t say which way to walk they won’t now. To be honest I don’t know that much about coding.

What I want to learn about:

I want to learn more about coding. Sometimes I get confused when we played the game because there was this arrow and if it was pointing at the right it turns left. But when I knew about it I was good I think I’m OK with coding.

What was confusing:

The same thing with the arrows and some of the language I didn’t understand and a bit confusing because I have never heard some if the words.

How could MPPS:

They could use scratch and hitch stuff and maybe do 1t two times a week and maybe the three fours could start it as well.