August 28




.Australians cyclones is between November and April, when the oceans water is above 26.5 degrees.

.In the northern hemisphere they rotate in an anti-clockwise direction. Cyclones in the southern hemisphere rotate in a clockwise direction.

.The word cyclone means turning wind with one eye.


.Does the government help the people that are effected by these natural disasters? (eg. Money)

.Are there practices in place for when these disasters happen?


.Maybe if houses were all built with stronger materials the damage wouldn’t be as bad.

August 28



I’m sitting on the sand in a beautiful lagoon. The weather is so hot that I run strait in to the clear blue crystal water.

I thought that I would go on an adventurer all on my own I’m looking around and I see a big rock so I decided to look underneath it and to my horror staring at me is a massive black spider. As I start to poke at it with a stick it runs away.

I continue on my adventure and in the distance I see the most extraordinary thing a group of flamingo. What an amazing sight.

August 28

Canberra Camp


I was so happy we were playing three games at AIS. They were called Lacrosse, sock wrestling and Whack –a-ball. My favourite was lacrosse and in it we played a match and practise how to play. My team won 1-0 I was really happy! We used tennis balls not real lacrosse balls. So we didn’t get injured. That was my favourite thing about AIS.

Questacon Slide

I was so nervous when we went in the last room with the big slide. We put on this suit and I went upstairs I was shaking like hell. I gripped my hands around the bar and my palms were sweating. Then I dropped! I slid down. I fell to the bottom and I was so excited. I made it Yes! I didn’t lose my head.

August 28

Soccer Shooting

To shoot in soccer you need to follow frou. When you kick, on your lases of your boot. When you kick the ball you follow frou by swinging your leg up. Try to kick the ball in to the goals. That’s how you kick a soccer ball.

August 1

My personal writing  goal: Is running out of ideas.I run out of ideas a lot it is probably because i am not that creative. And i need to think more about ideas