July 31


Deadly Earthquakes hit New Zealand


.An earthquake happens when tectonic plates crash or rub against each other quickly. Earthquakes happens more for countries like New Zealand because it sits right above the place where the Pacific plate rubs against the Australian plate.

.Most earthquakes happen within a region called the “Ring of Fire” It’s like a circle around the Pacific Ocean.

.The smaller earthquake in Christ Church caused more destruction because it was 5 kilometres underground. The centre of the quake was closer to the city.


.Is there any way of knowing when an earthquake will happen so that people can be alerted.

.Can different materials be used to make buildings stronger.


.We need to be prepared the best we can because there’s nothing that can stop mother nature from happening.

July 31


A falling yellow circle in the forest

As I’m lying in bed falling asleep my mind stars to wonder. I’m thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to have a magical place to visit when I want to be alone.

I’m walking through this beautiful forest with really tall trees, it’s so quiet and peaceful. All of a sudden I come across a falling yellow circle. It looks like fairy lights floating in the air. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

As I wake up, I realise that it was all a dream. I wonder, does a place like this really exist?

July 24


Seed Bank


.Is a bank that looks after seeds. It’s hidden deep in the Arctic that’s designed to store seeds from all around the world. It’s called Doomsday Vault.

.The seeds are stored at freezing temperatures so that the seed can still grow into plants centuries later in case that plant becomes extinct.

.11 thousand Aussie seeds are stored in the Doomsday Vault.


.Who pays for these seeds to be stored in the these vaults?

.Is it proven that these seeds can grow centuries later?


.It’s great that Countries can agree on something, that is to keep seeds safe so that we can replant in case something  happens.

July 17


For my BTN on leaders I have chosen Malcom Turnbull. The reason I have chosen Malcom Turnbull is because he is the Prime minister of Australia and I found his life interesting.

Malcom Turnbull is married and has two kids. Before becoming Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull worked as a journalist and a lawyer. He is a successful business man and a self-made multi-millionaire.

Malcom Turnbull represents the Liberal Party, he stands for strong economy. His phrase that we would hear throughout the campaign was JOBS & GROWTH. He wants kids to study Science and Technology and Maths so that we can improve the country.

What I’ve learnt while researching Malcom Turnbull, is that if you work hard and put in 100% in your school work and at work, you are able to succeed and become anything you want.


July 17


Sunshine, Mice, frightened, Purple, Flew

I woke up one morning, I look out of the window and see sunshine coming through. I think to myself, it’s going to be a great day.

I call out “hey dad lets go to the park and play the wether looks great”.

I’m having so much fun on the play equipment, when out of nowhere I see mouse run down the purple slide. I am so frightened by the mouse that I start to scream.

As the mouse begins to run away, an eagle flew right past me picked up the mouse and flew away.