May 29


Soccer school


.Soccer is the most popular game in the world being watched by billions.

.Soccer is being used to help kids with English and Maths.

.A school in Adelaide is using a program from English Soccer Club, Arsenal to get kids interested in learning.


.Why aren’t more schools using this program?

.Why doesn’t the government get involved in making this happen at schools in Melbourne.


.It would be great to have this program at schools, even for girls because they enjoy sports as well. It would make learning fun.


May 29


As the flame flickered and then went out…

I’m so excited, I’m having my first sleep over at my friends house. I’ve packed my bag and my mum is dropping me off.

We played on the XBOX for a while and then decided to watch a scary movie. My friend thought it would be good idea to watch the movie with the lights switched off and light up some candles.

During the movie his mum made us some popcorn. The movie was very scary and I was thinking, I’m going to have nightmares. All of a sudden the flame flickered and then went out, we screamed and popcorn went flying everywhere.



May 27


Milk Wars


.Coles and Woolworths have dropped their home brand milk to $1litre which farmers say is too low.

.Farmers get 38cents per litre.

.Supermarkets are making it very hard for small businesses to make money because they can’t sell milk that cheap.


.Why doesn’t the government set rules so supermarkets can’t sell milk so cheap.

.Are people worried if farmers don’t have enough money we might run out of milk.


.If people stop buying the cheaper milk then farmers would be able to make more money.



May 27


Silence, orange thunder ,pyjamas, swam

It’s Sunday morning and I’m really struggling to get out of bed. I swam 20 laps of the pool yesterday and I’m really tired. I need to get up because I have a soccer match to play, I get out of my pyjamas and get dressed.

The game gets started and I’m having a really good game. It’s half time and we all get to have a piece of orange. All of a sudden the sky goes dark and lightning strikes. There’s silence for a moment and then the thunder. It’s so loud!!! It starts pouring and the whole team runs off the ground.


May 27

Semester 1 Goals

Personal Goals:

I want to be more confident and put my hand up more. I also want to be more organised with my work and more neat, so when we start a lesson I am ready, and I won’t miss a lesson which is good. Some times I get distracted and I need to get more organised with my home work and listen more but not that much on listening. And I want to learn more subtraction and work a bit faster at writing. When people distract me I just ignore them. And I want to work with different people.

Student comment:

I have achieve all of my goals and the one I have improved on the most is being more confident and listening more. And I have achieved all of them, which is good. But I think I can improve on not getting distracted a bit more. And at putting my hands up and  ask questions. And I have been doing my home work strait away so I have the rest of the week of and I am not going to get told of and I always do it strait away. So I get it out of the way for me.

Teacher comment:




My future goals:

I want to put my hand up more and. And work with other kids and some girls because I never work with girls. So I get more youst to them and I always work with boys most of them. And get a bit better at writing about behind the news which is BTN. And better at 100 word challenge and make it more juicer and have the power of 3. And put more punctuation like question marks and other stuff like that. Get better at the times tables and divide as wail. Climate change.


May 25

I Got This Hat

I got this hat from Hawaii 2 years agaio and it is a really good and its my best hat I have it is really good it is army collar navy green and dark green and my brother always tries to steel it and my sister does that to which is annoying but they never get it because I hide it which is funny because they think I am jest hiding it behind my back and then they start getting angry at me because I am not giving it to them and then I laugh hard

May 15


Ocean rubbish


.For year’s plastic has been slowly chocking our Oceans.

.Plastic can take 100 years to break down.

.Plastic harms marine animals because they mistake plastic for food or they get tangled in it.


.Why doesn’t the Government do something to clean up our Oceans?

.Why don’t we use more glass than plastic?


.If people threw away their rubbish and recycled, we wouldn’t have this problem.

May 15


Stairway to the sky

It’s bedtime and I’m reading my book. My eyes are slowly starting to close. I see this stairway to the sky, it’s all lit up with colourful lights.

I slowly start to climb the stairs but it seems never ending. I finally make to the top and suddenly I’m standing in a large room full of candy. It’s like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

There are kids everywhere, we are eating candy and chocolate and having lots of fun. I find myself running down the stairs because I need to get home. Suddenly I wake up and realise it’s all been a dream.



May 8



My dad bought me a kite for my birthday and we were just waiting for a perfect day to fly it.

I was awaken by the wind outside and I thought to myself it was a good day to fly my kite. I ran to my dad’s room and said to him “wake up, it’s a perfect day to fly my kite”.

We go to the park and get the kite out and start flying it. The wind is making my kite glide through the air. Suddenly a gust of strong wind takes my kite and I’m left in shock, as my kite fly’s away.


May 8




.The discovery of Penicillin was one of the most important medical finds in history.

.Antibiotics are used to fight all sorts of infections.

.Before antibiotics people could die from a simple infected cut.


.What happens if your allergic to penicillin?

.Why do doctors give out antibiotics even if you have a cold?


.How many more people would have died if we didn’t have antibiotics.