April 20



Science Kids


.Your never too young for science.

.Aussie scientists have made discoveries that have changed the world.

.A lot of kids aren’t choosing science as a career.



.How many diseases would we have if we didn’t have scientist?

.Should science be taught from prep?



. If teachers made science fun, more kids would enjoy it.


April 20


I Put My Hand In The Box And Felt

Were off to the Zoo for a family picnic. We start walking around to see the animals. My favourite animal is the Kangaroo, I love walking in their enclosure and being so close.

As we are walking I see a worker, he has a table with boxes on them. The game is to guess what animal is in the boxes. My brother dares me to have a go.

I’m nervous but I want to be strong. I put my hand in the box and felt things crawling on me, I thought they were just bugs. The Zoo keeper tells me that they are spiders. I scream AHH !!!




April 18


.if they make a bill it has to go to Senate

.Senate says yes it passed and it goes to governor jenril

.If they say now it goes back



.Do they yell allot

.do they half to start again


.how long dose it take to pass a bill

.do they stay drone midnight



April 17

It Grew and Grew

It was Sunday morning, I got up and started to get ready for soccer. I had a game to play.

My whole family was coming to watch me play. The ref blew the whistle and the game started. Five minutes into the game, I score. I was so excited and so were my team mates.

In the second half I got kicked in the ankle. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t walk. I look at my ankle and it’s swollen. The more I looked at it the more it grew and grew. Hopefully the swelling will go down by tomorrow.


April 11

Today I am going with my friends to Inflatable World. It is an indoor stadium with enormous inflatable slides, balls and hitting sticks which are full of air.

We are having a great time going down the slides and playing games. As I lie down on an inflatable cushion I have Jack jumping over me doing flips.

Its time to leave and have some lunch. We are so hot that we need something cold and sweet to drink. I had Subway for lunch, Jack had chips. I stole a chip from Jack and he didn’t even realise. We had a great time.!!