March 20

When The Connection Broke

It all started when I was born. My mum went to mothers group and met Mary and she had a son Oscar.

I started prep with Oscar and we were in the same class. We always played together, we just had a really good connection. After prep I was never in the same class with him, we started making different friends.

I’m really into sports and Oscar isn’t, so we didn’t really play together at lunch but we always stayed good friends.

This year he left the school. We said that we would still be good friends but unfortunately the connection is broken

March 14



Here we have three men having a conversation. Two of the men look like they are from an Asian country and the man sitting down looks like he’s from a European country. The Asian men standing up are dressed in their traditional clothing. These men are leaders in their community.

They have organised a meeting outside, which looks like an Asian country. They look like they are concerned and want to have a discussion about problems in their community. They also might be asking the man sitting down how life might be different in Europe compared to Asia.


March 8


Hi my name is Thomas and I’m your grade 5 buddie. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I have a brother and sister and they both come to this school. My brother Adam is in grade 2 and my sister Ava just started prep and her teacher is Melanie.

I love playing sports I play tennis and soccer and I also like playing on my XBOX but I’m only allowed to play on weekends. Love being outdoors riding my bike and just enjoying the good wether.

I’m looking forward to spending time with you and having lots of fun. I hope you will have a good time and enjoy coming to school.

FROM YOUR BUDDIE THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


March 8



Ha my name is super tom and I am the strongest person in the world is me and I am very famous like other super heroes like super young and his my side kick. Ah a monster boom ah what is that a monster so we tried to kill it and we did but it took very long it went on for one hour which was very annoying but doesn’t mater because I never get saw only my side kick some times and that’s a bit annoying and that’s why I am a famous super hero and I’m on TV.

March 2

Gas, swimming, dancer, green, likely

ARR gas is coming so I ran out of my house and then I slipt in the water so I started swimming really fast so could run and get my sister so she is ok and she was at dancing and she is a good dancer that’s what I recon and at that dancing school there is a lot of green grass and its very tall the grass and she was oroyt which is good so I went home and played fifa 16 and I had team of the week and it was likely to get Ranaldo but I did.