December 14

A Cold And Windy Night

Once upon a time we were home alone. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I hopped the door and there was a guy with a chain sore and a mask. He come in and tried to chase me but I ran up steers. And I got a jar of mare bols I tippet down the steers well he ran up and he heart he’s head. And then he ran at the bake yard and he threw his chain sore at me bedroom window and nearly celid me. But I got he’s chanesore  and cut both of he’s legs off.

December 8


I took a step on the canoe with a shake. And the other person steps in the canoe in front of me.

Then we took off and stared paddling. The lady said to do a three sixty turn. We all went  next together and went on someon’s  bout. We did a big three sixty.

We all had a race and I came first with Josh I felt excited and happy because we won the race and we beat five canoes.

December 5

Who Am I

And my favourite holiday I went on is Sydney and I like the Opera house Hello my name is Thomas. I am eight years old. I live at Bruce St. I have a big house. I grew up there. I like to liv there because I have a big backyard. And I like to liv there because it’s nice and big. And I have a brother could Adam and a sister could Ava.


I really like soccer and football and I play those sports and I go for Kangaroos in football. In soccer I go for Melbourne Heart one of the best soccer team.


And I like video games like Halo soccer and car games. Because it’s COOL.


and the Haber brig. And my favourite food there was pizza and fish and ships.


My favourite animal is a monkey because it’s funny weyed

fury. And it is annoying when you hold it.

December 5

The sceri ride at wetandwiyeld

Once I went to Wet and Wild and I went down the black hole six times. And the seventh time dad and me went down the ride and one of the bolts came off.



And everything started to brake.  Mum yelled  Thomas are you ok and I said yes. I am ok Don’t worry.



Then my brother and mum said to everyone to start leaving so we started to leave and walked to the car. We started driving back to the apartment when we got to the apartment we went into the pool and there was a shark.



And there was a person in side it and he was my brother he did all the trouble all day long

December 3

The Beach

The beach was fantastic with my cousins and family but my brother was annoying. A lot but I ignored him and my dad and mum told him off and. My dad smacked him and he cried for a minuet. so my caseins and me went upstairs. And after ole of ace went to the beach      

And played cricket I got a six and my dad. And me    wan yippy. and I got a sooperdooper and my. Brother cried so I loft and he was Sade so he tickled me and he made me drop the. Sooperdooper so I heart hem so he punch me. For days later I had a big bruise so we ole had pizza and. After that we had  isream  and       we went home.